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I only just realized I had an account from my Brown email.

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acapella cover of We Are Nowhere And It’s Now by Bright Eyes

First time singing through in my dorm room with Rie; feedback welcome, more polished recording to come (hopefully). Would like to work on balance and consistency of phrasing. I really like this song.



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Dom & I messing around on GarageBand.

Athena and I practicing the final verse of our bare-bones cover of Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours (she’s low, I’m high)



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First Day Of My Life by Bright Eyes - covered by Yvonne Yu

This is one of my favorite songs in the entire world. Accompaniment by the amazing TravisRobinett from YouTube.

My brother is playing some computer game in the background so you can hear him click-click-clicking away. Uh…pretend it’s percussion for the moment. I’ll try to record a click-less version tomorrow morning.



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Red River Valley acapella cover by Yvonne Yu

You know how you have songs that remind you of your childhood? This song reminds me of my childhood. So I had to sing it, because it’s been stuck in my head and my heart all week.

Recorded on a couch so humid that the leather stuck to the back of my thighs and I couldn’t move. 

I made it really choir-y, because I have a tendency to do that. It’s a kids song so I think that’s okay, even if some parts are a bit whiny. Do drop me a line if you have stuff I can improve on, I think that’s implied for any music I put on here. :)



For Good - HKIS Graduation 2009

I’m singing in the beginning and then at the end…a chunk is cut out of the middle for some reason (oops)

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Shan Hu Hai (珊瑚海) -  Jay Chou/Lara cover by Kaijian Gao/Yvonne Yu

recording taken from rehearsal & recorded with an iPhone which is why it kind of blows and i screw up the words a couple times…still, Gao is great & i love working with him :) We are planning on re-recording this next semester.


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I really need your help now!

 Gao & I are singing a duet for the CSA Post-CNY Banquet (hah) next Friday and we need to choose a song! I’ve mastered together practice recordings from the two songs we’re choosing between, and I would really appreciate it if you’d tell me which one you prefer/which one sounds better, etc. :/

Try to judge in terms of song choice rather than simply technical mistakes in this recording that we can eventually fix - because these were recorded on my cell phone & only come from our 2nd rehearsal (if you speak Chinese, you can tell that I don’t know ANY of the lyrics yet, have only just learned the songs, and therefore am completely making up words hahahaha). So don’t worry…I am already VERY aware of our many many many many breathing/diction/tone/timing/blending problems, especially in the first song :P Also excuse my crappy pronunciation, I embarass myself aussi. And I know Gao is much closer to the microphone than I am + therefore overpowering, we’ll work on that too. 

But it would be great if you could help us choose! The first song is 珊瑚海 by Jay Chou & Lara, and the second one is 一眼瞬间 by 张惠妹 and 萧敬腾. There’s a few bars of silence between the two songs so wait for that. I SUPER APPRECIATE ALL YOUR HELP! Love lovexx

So: should we sing the first or the second song?

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Trial cover of the ending of ‘Ashes and Wine’ by A Fine Frenzy, since I clearly don’t sound anything like Alison Sudol I’m just messing around to try and make it something more me, I guess. (Also if you know the original song, you can tell I upped the octave about 8 times, lol). Don’t really have a handle on the phrasing yet and breathing control all went to hell but I’m still drafting it out (this is what I do with my days). haha I think this might be the first time I ever posted up something I sang before, it’s pretty embarassing but here goes nothing.